Perfect for those Wild West adventures, the Apache Teepee bed frame by Flair Furnishings is the ultimate bed for any kid's room. A robust frame finished in a choice of gray or white this makes this unisex bed ideal for cowboys and cowgirls. Designed with open sides and a fabric curtain which is draped over the back and front of the bed to create a den, giving an authentic look, perfect for your little adventurer to relax in after a hard day's play. The Apache bed has been created with safety rails that go along the sides and back of the bed frame, giving parents peace of mind that their little one, won't tumble out of bed on a night.

Apache Tipi Bed - Grey and White

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  • Measurements

    Height: 1400mm Width: 1133mm Length: 2100mm
  • Materials

    Particle Board
  • Colour

  • Recommended mattress size

    Single: 3'0", 90x190cm